The Care We Give

When you work with us, you know that you will receive personalized, caring service. As I’ve worked with clients over the years, I have made it my primary focus to provide care for them in a way that meets them where they are. Here are a couple of personal stories to show you what you can expect.

Helping Every Step of the Way

While I was working in Hospice I worked with clients who were terminally ill.  I worked with one person, in particular, who wanted to remain at home as long as possible. As the home team social worker, I worked diligently to make sure she had all the things that she needed. Since she had Long Term Care insurance I wanted to make sure that she received all the benefits that she was due and that would help her remain in her home. I worked to get her all the medical equipment that she needed in her home, which included a hospital bed, a wheelchair, a walker, and a bedside commode. My goal was to make it very comfortable for her to live at home and meet her wishes. She needed someone to come into the home to assist her for 8 hours of care each day. As her needs grew due to her disease progressing, I focused on those needs to make sure her needs were being fully met. Every step of the way, I worked with her and her daughter who lived out-of-state to make sure she was safe and still able to remain in her home. I connected them with the right private home health agency and helped access all possible insurance benefits. This made it possible for her to remain in her own home. She died peacefully in the cherished home, she had lived in for 56 years, surrounded by those she loved. It was my honor to support her specific needs and requests during a difficult time.

The Right Fit

Assisted Living Facility The Right FitIn my work as a care manager, I help bridge the gap between providers and your loved one and family. This can often be a challenging position because I maintain a working relationship with community resource providers and I represent the client, who needs to be satisfied with services and the care provided. Recently, one of my clients was very unhappy with the services being provided in her Assisted Living Facility (ALF).  I have a long-standing relationship with this facility so approached them on her behalf. After several meetings and trials, I knew the best thing for my client was to find a new place to live. I was able to work with the facility and they waived the 30-day notice requirement and helped my client move into a new facility that she felt was a better fit. The client always spoke well of her former ALF because of their helpfulness with her move. As a care manager, I was able to turn a negative situation into a positive situation, while saving my client money and helping her find her happy place, I was still able to maintain my relationship with her former ALF.

Would you like to partner with a company that focuses on the best care for your loved one? The peace of mind and stress reduction that come from working with a professional who knows the community, benefits plans, care options, and the importance of relationships, is unparalleled. You want the best for your parents and you want to know that you understand the options to give them the best. Let’s discuss your situation and find solutions!  

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